About Us

Shu Kura is a boutique sake e-retailer based in Bangkok, Thailand. We specialise in premium and ultra premium grade sake produced from breweries throughout Japan that use the best ingredients: rice, water, kōji, and yeast. These elements, combined with the innovative skill and techniques of the Tōji (sake brew master), becomes an expression of art. Our mission is to provide curated premium sakes for discerning sake lovers, enthusiasts, and beginners throughout the Kingdom of Thailand.

We believe that sake deserves its place among the world's best drinks and can be described similar to the way fine wine is described. Sake has aroma, balance, clarity, colour, complexity, taste, and finish. It goes great with food pairing and helps brings out the delicate flavours of any dish.

Please take your time to explore our site and learn about the many varieties of sake from different regions in Japan. Let us know if you have any questions or need any recommendations for a particular sake to fit your dinner, event, or party. We are certain that you will find a sake that is special and unforgettable for you.