Kirinzan Junmai Daiginjo Blue Bottle

Kirinzan Shuzo

Kirinzan Junmai Daiginjo Blue Bottle (720ml)

2,650.00 THB
  • Prefecture: Niigata
  • SMV: +3
  • Acidity: 1.3
  • Milling Rate / 45%
  • Alcohol Content / 15.5%

Kirinzan is a sake brewery with more than 170 years of history. Located in the town of Aga, in Niigata Prefecture - one of Japan’s finest rice producing and sake producing regions situated 300 km north-northwest of Tokyo. They strive to produce great sake with 100% local ingredients made with the care and attention of all their staff working in harmony.

In ancient China, it was said that a mythical Kirin ‘would appear in the world to signify the coming of a great saint’. Kirinzan pays homage to the spirit with their brand name so that ‘those who drink this sake may be visited upon by many blessings’.

Kirinzan Junmai Daiginjo Blue Bottle is a classic Niigata ultra premium sake. Made with Gohyakumangoku rice polished to 45%, it is very smooth and perfectly balanced with delicate citrus undertones. Medium to full body, this sake has elegance that you can savour to the very last drop.