Tedorigawa Yamahai Jikomi Junmai Ginjo

Yoshida Sake Brewery

Tedorigawa Yamahai Jikomi Junmai (720ml)

1,300.00 THB
  • Prefecture: Ishikawa
  • SMV: +4
  • Acidity: 1.5
  • Milling Rate / 60%
  • Alcohol Content / 16% 

Tedorigawa Yamahai Jikomi Junmai Ginjo sake is brewed using two rice strains, Yamadanishiki and Gohyakumangoku, with a methodology similar to "Kimoto" style sake where lactic acid is not added but allowed to develop on its own. What you get are bold sake expressions due to the fermentation process at low temperatures bringing out rich amino acids. This gives the sake a distinct depth of flavour and full body. Try this sake and experience the rich flavour for yourself.